Monday, 13 August 2012

how to grow sugar apple tree in pots

                                sugar apple

sugar apple is a very tasty fruit. it can be grown in pots or any containers pots the plant will fruit within 2 years.regular care is needed for a good growth.some of the trees will start flowering within 6 months.we can grow sugar apple like a is an ever green plant so it is suited for bonsai
it is a 2 year old sugar apple tree grown in pots

steps for growing sugar apple in pot

   1.take a pot at least one gallon size
   2.filled with potting mixture
  3.plant a seed or seedling in pot
  4.water the plant the pot in full sunlight 


i am used kitchen wastes as fertilizer
vermi compost,cattle manure and other organic wastes are enough for sugar apple


in pots we must water at least 2 times per weak.regular watering in summer increases growth rate of the plant   

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